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Introducing The Honda HR-V in College Station

bigstock BANGKOK  MARCH   Honda HR V 86141672

Finally! The 2016 Honda HR-V goes on sale today at select dealerships nationwide. To our dismay, the HR-V in College Station has not arrived just yet but Allen Honda is optimistic to see it very soon. 

What’s so impressive about Honda’s new HR-V? Everything. From the sleek design, to the outstanding standard features, there are hardly any critics of the HR-V. Have you considered either the Fit or maybe the CR-V? The HR-V is the combination of both. It’s fun, zippy, and just right for an urban adventure on Saturday night.

If the many great reviews and positive test drives haven’t convinced you, then we’re up for the challenge. We’ve put together a list of reasons why the HR-V should be your next car:

bigstock Money Tree 827619


  1. Your wallet will thank you. The Base HR-V with standard transmission starts at $19,115 MSRP* plus shipping and destination. The decked out, Navi-including model comes in at just $25,840 MSRP* plus shipping and destination.

  2. Speaking of money, the HR-V will save you tons at the gas pump. In a test drive, USA Today exclaimed, “our rambunctious driving didn't push it below 30 mpg.” The Honda HR-V has a combined MPG* at 31.

  3. It’s small but spacious. The Magic Seat, stemming from the Fit, allows for up to 58.8 cubic feet of available cargo space. It’s the perfect place for putting all the antiques you can buy on a road trip across our great state.

    2016 honda hrv rear seats option e
  4. You’ll never again back into the neighbor's trash can with the standard multi-angle rearview camera.*

  5. The HR-V is now your smartphone. HondaLink Next Generation (EX, EX-L Navi models) can seamlessly connect smartphones to the 7-inch touch screen in front of you to play music, hear podcasts, and more.

2016 honda hrv hondalink


There are plenty of other reasons why the new Honda HR-V in College Station should be your next vehicle and Allen Honda would love to tell you about them. Give us a call or visit our website for more details.

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*MSRP excluding tax, license, registration, $880.00 destination charge and options. Dealer prices may vary.

*25 city/34 highway/28 combined mpg rating for 6MT models. 28 city/35 highway/31 combined mpg rating for 2WD CVT models. 27 city/32 highway/29 combined mpg rating for AWD CVT models. Based on 2016 EPA mileage ratings. User for comparison purposes only. Your mileage will vary depending on how you drive and maintain your vehicle, driving conditions and other factors.

*Varies depending on how you drive. 


Source: USA Today - http://usat.ly/1IbtHWF

2015 Scion FR-S VS. Civic Si in College Station



Allen Honda is pleased to bring some excitement to the table with a comparison of the 2015 Scion FR-S and 2015 Honda Civic Si in College Station. Both vehicles have the sexy styling to get you drooling and the oomph to have your heart thumping.


silver civic si coupe front5


In 2013, Scion partnered with Subaru to introduce the FR-S. Needless to say, this car is very fresh to the automotive industry. As most people are aware, the Honda Civic is a staple in car history and has been around since 1973. Lets take a closer look at what both vehicles have to offer in regards to performance and styling.

 bigstock Scion Fr s Drift Car   Naia 28981889


Comparison of Performance and Styling:

  • With 205-horsepower, 174-lb.-ft. of torque and a 2.4-liter 4-cylinder, the Civic Si clearly over-powers the competitor underneath the hood. The Scion FR-S has 200 horses, 151 lb.-ft of torque and a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder.
  • A 6-speed manual transmission is the only way you will find the Civic Si Coupe. Deciding to stay true to the vehicle’s performance-oriented history, the Civic was solely made for the clutch pedal enthusiast. The Scion FR-S comes in both manual and automatic.
  • Typically found only in race-cars, the helical limited-slip differential comes standard in the Civic to give the driver more handling control and enhance the steering response while accelerating and cornering. The FR-S does not have any comparable system.
  • Textured aluminum pedals and an aluminum-capped shifter give the Civic Si the edge every sports car needs and pays respect to its racing history. The Scion FR-S has a similar look and feel.
  • For better traction and handling during not-so ideal conditions, the Civic Si has larger tires than the FR-S (225/40R18 vs. 215/45R17).

Does the feeling of rowing your own gears using an aluminum-capped shifter excite you? How about knowing that your car is only available in the traditional manual form? The Honda Civic Si in College Station is crafted for the racing enthusiast and is simply the winner of this race. Take your test drive today at Allen Honda in College Station or find out more by clicking the link below. 


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2015 Mini Cooper Coupe VS. 2015 CR-Z in College Station



In honor of Earth Day, Allen Honda is comparing the 2015 Mini Cooper Coupe with the 2015 CR-Z in College Station. Both cars are relatively fuel-efficient but the CR-V has several high-tech, eco-friendly systems up its sleeve. If you’re considering either of these vehicles, we hope our information and expertise can assist you in your decision.


Screen Shot 2015 04 21 at 3.35.56 PM


2015 Honda CR-Z – Environmental Advantages


  • At stoplights or in heavy traffic, the CR-Z’s gasoline engine temporarily turns off while at a stop, saving fuel and reducing emissions. This idle-stop system re-starts as soon as you take your foot off the brake and you’re ready to get going again.
  • Regenerative brakes improve the vehicle’s fuel efficiency by converting inertia back into energy instead of wasting it.
  • Honda was the first car manufacture to offer Ultra-Low-Emission Vehicle (ULEV) emission technology on a production vehicle. The CR-Z, being no exception, has earned the title of Advanced Technology Partial Zero-Emission Vehicle (AT-PZEV).
  • Integrated Motor Assist IMA® complements the i-VTEC® 4-cylinder gasoline engine with an electric motor, located between the engine and the transmission. The electric motor is simply there for an extra boost of power, taking the heat off the gasoline engine when needed.
  • Like most 2015 Honda models, the CR-Z has standard variable transmission (CVT). With no “steps” between gears, it can keep the engine at the most efficient speed for fuel economy.


bigstock    Mini John Cooper Works 83294837


2015 Mini Cooper Coupe – Environmental Advantages

  • The fully electric power-assisted steering helps to reduce fuel consumption by not drawing extra power from the engine. The Honda CR-Z has this technology as well.
  • The volume flow regulated oil pump of the Cooper Coupe does just what the name states. It regulates the amount of oil being used to create the perfect balance between power output and effective engine lubrication and thus helping full efficiency. The CR-Z has a similar system in place.
  • The Mini Cooper’s twin engines are equipped with direct fuel injection, which many believe to produce less emissions and save more fuel than the multi-point fuel injection that the Honda CR-Z has. However, the Honda CR-Z gets an average of 8 more miles per gallon in the city than the Mini Cooper Coupe.


The Honda CR-Z was designed with fuel efficiency and the environment in mind. By incorporating Eco Assist™, a sophisticated feedback system that teaches you to drive more efficiently, the driver has some environmental responsibility as well. Saving gas and the environment has never been easier!

After our comparison, there is little room for doubt that the Honda CV-Z isn’t the champion between the two. If you’ve made up your mind, come to Allen Honda and test drive a brand new 2015 CV-Z in College Station. Need more convincing? Give us a call; we are the Honda experts. 

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*Based on 2015 EPA mileage ratings. Use for comparison purposes only. Your mileage will vary depending on how you drive and maintain your vehicle.

The New Civic Concept in College Station?

Screen Shot 2015 04 08 at 1.24.22 PM

Will the new Honda Civic concept come to College Station in its present form? We’re dreaming that it’s so! This sleek design was just debuted at the New York Auto Show on April 1st. The sporty little car got a ton of attention – good and bad – but here at Allen Honda, we’re smitten. Zac Estrada of CarSccoops.com had this to say of the concept, “the Honda Civic Concept is one of the best examples of a car company listening to customers, enthusiasts and journalists all at the same time.”

Unfortunately, some details on the Civic will be tweaked for compliance and functionality, including the ultra-huge alloy wheels and the slim side mirrors. Despite those changes, the 10th generation Civic coupe is sure to be a show stopper when is it rolled out later in the year. Meanwhile, the anticipation is killing us! We can just picture the Civic concept in College Station. Here are some reasons we can’t wait to see this beauty come to life:

1. The game-changing Civic coupe will boast a throaty 1.5-liter 4-cylinder coupled to a 6-speed manual. Fun, fun, fun! 

2. Although the interior was not shown, John Mendel, the executive vice president of American Honda, promised, when revealed, it will offer a "high level of connectivity." Sounds like a highly technologically advanced vehicle is surely on the way.

3. In addition to the coupe, Honda will be whipping out a hatchback, sedan, and a version of the already debuted Type-R concept. With the sporty coupe being the muse to the whole family, Honda fanatics are just beside themselves. We can’t wait till the unveiling of the Civic sedan in the fall. 

4. That color is bold, we know, but it makes a statement. The kind of statement that says the Civic is back, and better than ever.

5. Lastly, the aesthetically pleasing tail-lamps are just as pretty to look at as the fierce front grille. We also enjoy the center positioned exhaust, which gives the classic Civic a fresh new twist. 

Screen Shot 2015 04 08 at 1.24.54 PM

"We are going back to our roots," said Mendel. Critics and the likes agree that the new concept is definitely bringing back that Civic feistiness and the once-known high performance. It may be a tall order to maintain Honda’s reputation of reliability and economically-friendlessness but we’re certain that the Honda Civic family won't disappoint. In the meantime, Allen Honda will keep dreaming to see that Honda Civic concept in College Station and you can check out our current Civic inventory. 


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Utility Options for The 2015 Crosstour in College Station


What do you enjoy doing outdoors? Hunting? Fishing? Golfing? For most of us in Texas, the list goes on and on. The right question is whether you have the vehicle to accommodate your adventurous side, all while being your daily driver in the city. Purchasing the 2015 Crosstour in College Station will give you the opportunity to pick and choose the utility options you need. Below are just a few of what Allen Honda has to offer. 


1. Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation SystemScreen Shot 2015 04 01 at 2.59.08 PM

Although it’s nice to remember, we’re past the days of mom giving directions from an atlas book in the passenger seat. To get you going in the right direction, the Honda Satellite-LinkedNavigation System can recognize 1,500 different voice commands as well as give restaurant ratings and reviews.


2. All-Season Floor Mats and Cargo Tray

Sand? Dirty paws? Messy plants? No worries. These all-season floor mats are designed for the worst conditions. Honda is known for their resale value but with this addition, you'll be thanking yourself for years to come. Acting as a barrier between your original carpets and Mother Nature, the mats are pertinent for adventurous and active people.


3. Roof AttachmentsScreen Shot 2015 04 02 at 11.37.42 AM

The equipment you’re transporting is bound to be awkward, whether it’s snowboards, skis, a kayak or mountain bikes, the cargo room of your Crosstour might not cut it. You’re in luck because Allen Honda has a solution for all. Get yourself the standard roof rack and add an attachment that fits your lifestyle.



4. Remote Engine Start System

Running to the store in a snowstorm is no issue with the remote engine start system that can turn on auto-climate control to a comfortable 72 degrees. The hand-held remote features an LCD screen that indicates both vehicle and in-cabin temperature status.


5. Nose Mask

Inevitably, you will be traveling where the pavement ends and the dirt road begins. Make sure to protect the original paint of your Honda Crosstour with a nose mask. Fitting tightly snug to the front hood and grill, the nose mask deters dents and scratches from bugs, rocks, and other road hazards.


6. Trailer Hitch System

With the trailer hitch and trailer hitch ball, you can skip bothering your neighbor to borrow their truck to pick up your new armoire. Tow up to 1,500 pounds with the V-6 engine and 1,000 pounds with the L4 engine. Trekking cross-country with the airstream trailer will never be the same in your Crosstour and trailer hitch system.

 Screen Shot 2015 04 01 at 3.01.09 PM


These six options are just the beginning to the ways you can modify and upgrade your brand new 2015 Crosstour at Allen Honda. Living in the vast state of Texas, we have access to several national and state parks, a variety of bodies of water, and several bordering states. Wherever the adventure takes you, the 2015 Crosstour in College Station will get you and your gear there. 


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Considering Leasing VS. Financing in College Station?


Are you considering leasing a vehicle but have no idea what the process involves? Or maybe you’re tired of always leasing and are now interested in making a more lasting purchase. Allen Honda has the inside scoop on why leasing is the solution for some people and why others choose financing. Get some advice below that should help in your decision when considering leasing vs. financing in College Station.


considering leasing vs. financing in college station

Of course, there are many factors to consider when choosing between financing and leasing. Perhaps the first and most important one to consider is your preferences. Is "new car" your favorite scent? Some people simply enjoy upgrading to a new model every few years. In that case, leasing would be your best bet. Maybe you are retired, the kids have grown up and you have found the perfect long-term car. Financing or a cash purchase could be right for you. Lifestyle and your concerns should be weighted heavily first before exploring other aspects of financing and leasing.

Another factor to calculate is your monthly payment and other costs associated with leasing versus financing. Typically, leasing will come out as a lower monthly payment. Also, there is usually a lower down payment and fewer maintenance costs associated with leasing. However, one large drawback to leasing is that you are not adding money to an investment and will not own any part of the car at the end of the lease. Some people view this as throwing money away and others do not.

When evaluating buying, the most economical view is a long-term situation in which you will ultimately save more money than continuously leasing. Although a higher down payment and higher monthly payments are normally required, the value you receive from owning your own car will appreciate over time. Additionally, you will have more flexibility when it comes to how you use your car, how far you go, and in which ways you make the car your own.

This decision is best left up to you and you alone without any pressure from outside influences. If you are in school and do not wish to be concerned with repairs and maintenance costs then leasing may be right for you. Financing could be a better option for a person with a steady, reliable income. When considering leasing vs. financing in College Station, it is very important to understand the correlation between your lifestyle and your wants and needs in a vehicle. If you have any questions regarding Allen Honda’s financing and leasing options, feel free to give us a call! 


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Spring Into Our Pre-Owned Inventory in College Station


We pride ourselves on having an extensive pre-owned inventory including many certified used cars from Honda and other various makes. Just to start, our pre-owned lot includes such vehicles as luxury sedans, crossovers, SUVs, mini-vans, and sporty coupes. If you’re looking for a pre-owned car in College Station, it’s very likely we can accommodate your needs and wants. Below are some of our top favorites.

 2013 Honda Pilot EX-L        

5FNYF3H5XDB017656 9C5ACBDE A42C 4FD7 A6DF D4D9C61423C1 3 640w480h

Planning a road trip this summer with the family? Be confident that you'll have dependable transportation with this 2013 Honda Pilot. It has unbelievably low mileage, leather seats, and a combined 21-MPG. Look no further than this Honda Pilot for a cross-country trek with the kids.


2007 Ford Five Hundred Sedan SEL 

1FAFP24117G111815 662CAC55 5F02 4A69 B656 3CC74FDD19DE 4 640w480h

Need something under $10,000? Get in this 2007 Ford Five Hundred and save some money with low mileage and a combined 25-MPG. Rest assured this vehicle has been well maintained and comes with a CarFax title history report.


2012 Honda Accord Coupe EX-L       

1HGCS1B80CA009426 D40464B3 1746 433B A35C E71E94376F22 4 640w480h

Searching for a Honda Accord with all the bells and whistles? This is the car for you. With only one previous owner and very low mileage, this 2012 Honda Accord Coupe is a steal! Along with ample standard features, it comes with navigation, heated, leather seats, and a CarFax Buy Back Guarantee.



2011 BMW 335i xDrive Sedan

WBAPL5C55BA920033 8921BFB6 8997 4040 957C 5F928CACD092 3 640w480h

You’ll be sure to get a smooth ride and look amazing while riding around College Station in this 2011 BMW 335i Sedan with xDrive. Superior features include keyless entry, navigation, and a large sunroof.


Has something caught your eye? Don’t hesitate to find out more information or schedule a test drive with one of our friendly staff members. If you haven’t yet seen a vehicle that fits your needs, browse through our complete pre-owned inventory in College Station at Allen Honda.



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2015 Honda Accord VS 2015 Mazda6 in College Station




Having trouble deciding between the 2015 Honda Accord and the 2015 Mazda6 in College Station? Allen Honda’scomparison of the two vehicles will help you decide! You’ll find ample advantages and some disadvantages in each vehicle, but the 2015 Honda Accord is tempting with its impressive features!


2015 Honda Accord Advantages


  • The Accord features two systems that assist in reducing fuel consumption – an optional continuously variable transmission (CVT) and the standard Eco Assist™ system. Neither of these will be found in the Mazda6.

  • In order to reduce maintenance, the Accord comes with a battery that does not require checking of water level. The Mazda6’s battery needs to be regularly checked to avoid potential damage.

  • The Accord has a towing capability of 1,000 lbs. while the Mazda6 cannot tow.

  • All models of the Honda Accord come with a standard system called SMS Text Message Function that allows passengers to have their text messages received and read aloud through the car. Passengers can also reply via short, pre-selected messages.

  • Four of the six Honda Accord models feature Honda Lanewatch™ which practically eliminates the blind-side effect during lane switching with a small camera mounted underneath the right-side mirror.  The multi-information display provides a live view that is four times greater than using your mirror alone.

  • The Accord has more front and rear headroom, legroom, and shoulder room than the Mazda6 so you and your passengers will ride comfortably.


2015 Mazda6 Advantages


  • All models of the Mazda6 come equipped with a 5.8’’ full-color touch-screen display, Bluetooth® hands-free phone and audio capability, and Pandora Internet radio compatibility. Honda offers a standard, audio touch screen in only three of their six models.

  • Both the Mazda6 and Accord Sedan offer rear vents.

  • The Mazda6 comes with standard driver and passenger front airbags, front side-impact airbags, passenger frontal airbags, front-wheel drive, four-wheel antilock brakes, electronic stability systems and traction control. The Accord also offers this.


After reading our comparison, it’s easy to see why the 2015 Honda Accord is so much more popular on the road verses the 2015 Mazda6 in College Station. You are always welcome at Allen Honda in College Station to take the Honda Accord for a test drive!


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2015 Honda CR-V vs. 2015 RAV4 in College Station


Allen Honda is here to help you find the new crossover that best meets your needs as a driver. So, we'd like to take some time to compare the amazing 2015 Honda CR-V and its top competitor, the 2015 Toyota RAV4. Below, we've outlined some of the perks associated with both SUVs:  

Perks: 2015 Honda CR-V in College Station 

  • A "Top Pick Plus" safety rating from the IIHS

  • The title of 2015 Motor Trend SUV of the Year

  • A recommendation from Consumer Reports based on reliability, safety, and performance

  • Available HondaLink Assist, which uses GPS technology to stay connected to emergency personnel

  • A 4-cylinder engine that produces 9 more horsepower and 9 more lbs.-ft. of torque than the RAV4's 4-cylinder engine

  • Available adaptive cruise control

  • A maintenance-free battery

  • Quicker acceleration, according to Motor Trend

  • Better fuel economy ratings from the EPA (based on estimates)

  • Standard CVT (which isn't offered by the RAV4)

  • Larger front brake rotors, which improve stopping capabilities

  • Speed sensitive variable-assist power steering

  • 2.2 cubic feet of extra space for passengers

  • A standard locking glove box

  • Rear a/c vents

Perks: 2015 Toyota RAV4 in College Station

  • Whiplash-injury-lessening seats

  • An optional cross-path warning system

  • Larger standard tires than the CR-V

  • A wheelbase that's 1.6 inches longer than the CR-V's

Do you think the 2015 Honda CR-V is a better pick for your lifestyle and needs? Check out your CR-V trim options at Allen Honda! Oh, and be sure to schedule a test drive with us if you're ready!

2016 SUV in College Station: More Details on the Redesigned Pilot


2016 Pilot College Station

As we mentioned would happen last month, the 2016 Honda Pilot officially made its debut at the Chicago Auto Show last week! So, we're back with more information about the new Pilot. We're happy to report that it will come with a ton of new, awesome features and updates. Here's what Allen Honda thinks you should know about the latest generation Pilot's updates:

  • The 2016 Pilot will be drastically different, inside and out. On the outside, the new Pilot will have sweeping lines, a less boxy composition, and an aggressive fascia. On the inside, it'll have new things like soft touch materials, a Panoramic roof, and interior ambient lighting.

  • The new Pilot will also benefit from 3.5 extra inches of length and 300 lbs. less weight. The extra inches mean more room for passengers and cargo. And the lighter weight means better handling.

  • New, bigger, 20-inch wheels will also improve the Pilot's handling capabilities.

  • And things like a heated steering wheel and heated front seats will take your comfort to a new level.

  • Tech specs in the 2016 Pilot won't fail to impress either. You can expect a new 8-inch touchscreen, the latest generation Honda Link system, an enhanced navigation system, 5 USB ports, a 115-volt outlet, HDMI input, an AV socket, and more!

  • Safety advances are also phenomenal. A cross-path warning system, a forward collision warning system, adaptive cruise control, and blind spot information will all be available.

  • And the new Pilot will offer your choice of 6-speed automatic transmission or 9-speed automatic transmission!

These are just a few of the key details Allen Honda knows about the new Pilot. We're still learning, and we look forward to providing more information about the new Honda in the near future! Are you excited about the 2016 Pilot? We definitely are!

Looking for a new vehicle and still deciding between options? We invite you to browse our inventory! 

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